Terms of Service

All items we offer on this website are USED and mostly over 50 years old . The Photos and Videos are original!! and no fakes..Look to the Youtube Username when you view a video.

Exclusive Restoration Orders:
All orders which include services like Cabinet restoration & finish works & electronics restoration works are non refundable.
We will provide before a final balance payment request , videos & high res photos of the final restored radio to each buyer who orders these exclusive restoration works at us. Included these videos is also the chassis serial number as proof that we record videos from the buyers ordered final restored product / radio.

If problems should appear ,we will help You as costumer in all possible ways. Required from buyer side is a correct handling of these vintage electronics.

Returns: You can return the item max. 3 days after you've recieved it from your Local post ( the date and time is logged into the tracking system, when you 've recieved your radio parcel) All Shipping Cost pays the buyer. We refund to the costumer the full buying price when we 've recieved the item back to our shipping address. Please Note: No Refund of the Buying price till the item hasn't arrived at our shipping address. We refund the buying price only via the payment method which was used at purchase.
Note: Refund policy is valid for non exclusive restoration orders.
Exclusive Restoration orders are non refund able.

Buyer Help Exclusive Restoration Orders:
If any problem should appear during the first 6 months on your restored radio. We are always there to help you via email , phone or video call.
Also you can ship the radio chassis back to us and we do the repair works without charge. ( Shipping costs pays the buyer )
To use our free repair services for exclusive restoration orders, it is required to handle the radio correctly . Self created damages on the radio ( tubes placed into wrong sockets, Net switcher wrong voltage selected etc ) are not covered in our free repair services.

Note: The parts inside the radios are on some places electronic branded , do not replace parts with damaged ones (of your old radios) and sent us then the item back, we would note it and and will report these actions asap to your CC Provider or Paypal.

Return Shipping: The item has to get packed in the same good way like we did it as we sent the item to your address. Dont "throw" the item simply inside the parcel" it's in your own interest that we get the item in a well condition back to our shipping address. You need to ship the item only insured back included shipping number which you need to provide us.

Shipping Damages Will basicly not happen because we pack just antique radios very well but for the case that it should happen here a small guide what to do. 1. Check your parcel direct when you recieve it from your local post. Do not sign any papers if the parcel have damages and till you did not check the parcel in good condition . Please invest and take time to check the parcel for your own goods. 2. If there is lost parts & damages inside the parcel ,keep all packing material , take good and close photos and send this photos and report of the damage to our contact email , we will response as soon as possible. 3. Report as immediately as soon as possible at your local post company. And send us a copy of the reclaim paper to our fax or email address. 4. We are not responsible for any shipping damages in due of customs controls in your home country. 5. You paid the shipping cost included insurance not to our company. You paid the shipping costs included insurance to the transport company. they have to recover / return your money what you have paid as insurance for shipping. 6. A reclaim packages in shipping damages can take 6 weeks up to 2 months at your local post company. Please be patient. 7. In any further questions and informations of shipping damages we will give our best to make this easy as possible for you. Technics Reclaims: Before we ship a radio to you we record a video from your item where we proof the date when the video was taken and the serial number of the radio chassis. Also will be inside the video showing the radio playing and working like we offered it here in ebay. Should be a problem with the radio after you ve recieved it , please contact us at first we will solve this problems together. What we dont accept: Threat that we should recieve a neg feedback when we give no discount, chargebacks wihtout any contact from the buyer etc. If that scenario should happen, we need for all reclaims an offical paper from a technican filled out with detailed infos about "the defect". We dont need such a paper if you have problems with your item, but if we should get an unfair way from someone which wants to dump the price in that way, we can accept and talk only if we recieve proofen details from an official technican. Please note: That was a scenario which might happen, we do know that this are only a few persons which try that way to dump prices at the end. All other costumers can reclaim of course if there are problems with their item and we try to solve them together in a good way.