The Restorations we are doing still in Germany , our Office and Export stock for furniture pieces is located in Asia in the Philippines.
You want a radio which is working safe ,secure and well ? If yes, then you have 2 options: 1. You restore it by yourself or you let us do this complicated work. An original condition might run, might work but you will be never safe..it could quiet its working mode in the next minutes. You need to note that these radios transport high DC voltage thorugh it's circuits. It's not like a radio from our times today. There is the rectifier , the capacitors , the can type electrolyds and much more which need a check up and a replacement mostly. Order a restoration service and you will have a long time fun with your radio. The Cabinet: We are the only ones which offer a original cabinet restoration...NOT REPSRAYED !!! An original cabinet restoration with patina airbrush color and mirror polishing by a professional machine. The result will be a perfect mint looking radio cabinet which you can advertise then in your living room. Fazit: the radio will be after our restoration services an eye catcher..It will look like a mint one just bough in the 50s or 60s.
We got so many ebay "radios" from costumers to repair that we want to make now some notes about that.... 1. You want a restored radio cheap, thats usual and normal But not possible, sellers write inside their description "restored" what is restored thats the question ? restored means not if the capacitors are replaced , because thats a 20min work mostly. Restored means to check the radio so up that your safe with it when its in your home, that it works like it has to work and that the restoration has been done in respect to the orginal. All this is a time intensive work and this we let us pay.We are no real dealers which try to sell fast and don't care after a transaction if your satisfied. We are a restoration company that's a big difference. Even our main business are Art Deco furniture restorations & I am doing these sales as my private hobby , the Radio cabinet will be restored in our restoration factory in Germany the electronics restoration I will do always personally and I can tell you later on also in form of a restoration report what Ive done for a restoration on the radio chassis.
The old laque coats on the vintage radios is made in Nitro varnish mostly , under this nitro varnish was sprayed a primer which was mixed with a touch of patina color. Nitro has the behaivior that it creates chips and cracks after many years. Thats complete usual and normal for this kind of varnish. The Bad: One day you can pull the old nitro varnish with ur finger nails simply down, it has no connection anymore to the veneer of the cabinet and lost its substance. This you might note already on your antiques radios...If that happened you will see the blank veneer even the sprayed colored primer is away and then your radio cabinet will look not very well. You cant save this anymore...The old laque coat needs to get removed completely.. And thiswe do exactly...We remove the old laque coat and built a new one up BUT in the orginal time intensive way like they did that in the 50s on these radios. Result: a perfect looking radio cabinet ...
If you order minimum one restoration services at us you dont need to pay the full total amount in advance. This we don't want and is not fair. We handle it since years in the following way: 1. You order an original cond. radio 2. You pay via paypal only the amount of the radio and the shipping cost. 3. You tell us which restoration services you want 4.We start the restoration 5. After restoration has been finsihed we provide You an original video of the restored radio included demonstration and explainations what we did inside the restoration. This video we upload to our youtube accout. 6.After Your "ok" we request via paypal the rest of total ( the restoration services cost) 7. After Your payment has been recieved we ship in max. 3 days after payment your radio to Your address. 8. you get the tracking number
We want that You really know what you get, thats why we do always sent all our costumers a long video of the radio you 've purchased at us. Inside this video we will explain a bit the details and the restoration work we did on it. also we show you the Serial No. on the radio inside the video and show it in working mode. That You know exactly what you get from us.
It's easy and simple. We offer 3 Kinds of restoration.... 1. Cabinet Restoration ( this means you get a full and real orignal veneer and laque restoration on the radio) 2. Electronics restoration ( is always included a radio offfer ) 3. Cabinet polish ( if the laque coat is not extremly damaged on the radio we can polish it, that it will look better. You can see that as " low cost cabinet restoration" deep scratches , damaged veneer will be not repaired with this kind of polish. It's only to give the radio cabinet for a less price a better shine. How to order ? You pruchase the original cond. radio at us and after you 've paid via paypal the radio incl. shipping cost we get in contact with you. We both ,you the buyer and we the seller will find out what fit at best your needs and if you wish a restoration we will start that after your ok. The final payment of the restoration services we request only after the restoration has been done not before we start to work.
We do ship via economy Standard parcels. Airmail....from Germany. The Shipping cost are the real cost which the German DHL will charge us. THE PACKING MATERIAL AND BOX ARE FREE OF CHARGE FOR YOU. Note: We ve sent since years many tube radios around the world...maybe 0.5% only arrived damaged. Thats a top quote. because of our well doen packing job.
Our main business are furniture restoration mostly of Premium Art Deco pieces for Hotels in Asia and South America ( maybe you did have an stay already in a hotel where you saw our restored furniture pieces ) The Radios selling I am do for my private "fun" and hobby. We have near 1 company hall stocked with old tube radios, but I see these sellings more as my private hobby if my time allows it beside our main business. If you need a special Radio model , just ask please we might have it in stock and did not list it here in the ecrater store.
Yes, we know that well...from our main business furniture restorations. Costumers do ask us always " where is my item , why is it not yet ready restored ?" Thats a typical question which we understand as well why it is getting asked so often . Here the answer : If you order a complete restoration for a radio at us, means that we have to dismount the Radio totally...all parts...down to the skeleton of its cabinet veneer. We have to remove the old varnish carefully , we need to give the veneer time to recover from a chemical reaction ( pls keep in mind the veneer was covered over 50 years by a varnish ) After that we have to repair and cut out exactly broken and dried out veener parts. Then we have to start to built up a straight laque coats and color these laque coats. All this needs time , because the difference is here the drying time for coatings on wooden items is longer to reach a well result. The Electronics Restoration : It can happen that on your radio ocure defects which need to re-built parts which are not available today .. In Short: We know well that your waiting for your restored radio order, but we sent an item only out to you when it is final restored. In the restoration business are no fix delivery dates..We know that your waiting for your item but you need to give us please the time to deliver you a correct restored radio.